ReSource is a decentralized protocol for business credit backed by products & services.

ReSource Shape

Deploy business credit On-Chain

ReSource Shape
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Credit data via oracles

Initial underwriting factors credit scores, bank statements, accounting software APIs, Amazon/UpWork seller ratings.

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Responsive Credit

Credit lines react dynamically to on-chain transaction history, reputation and collateralizing resources.

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Bringing blockchain to mainstreet

Unleashing the power of blockchain technology with businesses & freelancers.

Launch an economy

Launch an economy


Connect community governance mechanisms like Aragon

Native Stable Coin

Native Stable Unit Of Account

Enable stable transactions from the get-go

Earn Transaction Fees

Earn Transaction Fees

Scale your credit lines and transaction volume and generate income

ReSource Networking

Leveraging business resources

ReSource enables you to design & run a mutual credit economy, and
ReSource Network is the first instance.

Mutual credit has been enabling businesses to trade with a native stable unit of account since the 1930’s.

Mutual credit lines are paid back in labor rather than cash, making them lower risk and cost.