Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ReSource Network? Who is behind it, and what are the values?

Great question! Read all about that here

How do I solve a dispute with a buyer/seller?

In the case of a dispute, you’ll submit your issue to our dispute resolution system, where specialists will work with both parties to resolve the issue.

What exactly do you need in order to get started?

You must be either a US-registered business or self-employed person. ReSource is a Business to Business (B2B) network. To qualify to list on ReSource, your offerings must provide your main source of US dollar income. At this stage our platform is not suitable for hobby trades.

How do taxes work?

Sales made in R$ count as normal sales for tax purposes, and are subject to your existing income and sales tax requirements. We’ll send you a 1099B report of all your transactions at the end of a tax year.Generally, business expenses on the Resource network are similar to business expenses made in US Dollars and thus can be deducted from R$ taxable sales. ReSource recommends to hire a small business accountant from our marketplace.

How exactly does the credit line work?

First an ambassador enrolls you for an automatic credit line of R$250.Within 24 hours, your credit line can be increased up to $2,500k after we review your business offerings and profile.Pay back your credit line by selling your products/services for R$. The easiest way to increase your credit line in the future is by making your customers happy - replying quickly to inquiries, making sales and getting great reviews.

What can I buy on the ReSource Network? Who accepts R$?

Expect to find local freelancers, small businesses and stores. Expect not to see corporations or chain stores.Just search the marketplace, find what you need and message them.Can’t find what you’re looking for? Leave a request, and ReSource will find it for you ASAP!

Why should I sell on ReSource?

You can and should sell everything you can in regular US dollar sales, and then sell all your surplus goods and services for R$, to achieve sold out status and maximize your capacity as a business.That’s right. Sold out service capacity. Sold out goods. Sold out room nights.Every week.

What are R$?

These are the ReSource dollars, which are equivalent to one US dollar, and facilitate all trade on the network. Buying and selling on ReSource is done exclusively with R$.In ReSource, all businesses price themselves 1:1 with normal prices.