About ReSource

A long term alternative to the extraction economy.

Mission & vision

Everywhere people are seeking ways to sustain our lifestyles in ways that regenerate the earth, and create a respectful way of life for as many people as possible.

In ReSource, we serve the small businesses and freelancers that provide the backbone for the economy by providing them with fair credit and more customers.

The authentic economy, the economy that respects people who work for them, rather than see them as pawns in the profit maximization machines.

We choose to honor the planet, the ecosystems that support us and the relationships that nourish each other.

Core values


Build a solution and work culture based on integrity. Never say half-truths, not even for sales or fundraising.


Be kind to each other. Life is a challenge, and we’re all here to grow together.


Be present and available for each other to communicate with. Don’t let external parties wait for us.

Optimize time

Show up for meetings prepared and on time and keep them under 30 minutes.

Deliver every day

Constantly seek to improve our solution for our customers through curiosity and listening.

Be direct

Let people know your honest feedback about their work. Let people know why decisions are made.

ReSource team
David Casey

David Casey

Co-Founder & CEO
Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Co-Founder & COO
Duke Jones

Duke Jones

Co-Founder & CTO
Ofir Avigad

Ofir Avigad

Co-Founder & CMO
Sayer Tindall

Sayer Tindall

Director of Engineering
Julian D Feder

Joaquin Moreno

Head of Finance
Geoff Jensen

Geoff Jensen

Head of Product & Design
Bridger Zoske

Bridger Zoske

Head of Blockchain
Julian D Feder

Julian D Feder

Protocol Designer
Julian D Feder

Anna Medina

Head of HR
Julian D Feder

Joseph Sobrero

Lead Designer
Julian D Feder

Nate Furbeyre

Full Stack Engineer
Julian D Feder

Nathan Phillips

Success Consultant
Julian D Feder

Rachel Hinds

Health Benefits Coordinator
Julian D Feder

Alison Sher

Relationship Manager
Julian D Feder

Charly Louise

Creative Content Producer
Our team has a diverse experience from traditional tech, blockchain & local currencies
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Bill Melton - Founder of Verifone

Bill Melton

Founder of Verifone
Andrii Zamovsky - Founder of Ambisafe

Andrii Zamovsky

Founder of Ambisafe
Luis Silva - Founder of Cloudwalk

Luis Silva

Founder of Cloudwalk
Ryan Teller - Founder of Teller Finance

Ryan Berkun

Founder of Teller Finance
Jim Aviles

Jim Aviles

Founder of Avigo
Advisor at Bitpay
Jim Aviles

Galia Benartzi

Founder of Bancor